About DSDD (including Computer Centre)

Computer Center is headed by Additional Director General (ISS) & Technical Director. Computer Center was set up in 1967 under the then Department of Statistics in the Cabinet Secretariat with 3 Honey-well-400 Computer Systems to meet the data processing needs of various Government Ministries/Departments/Organizations and Public Sector Undertakings located in and around Delhi. The Honeywell-400 Systems were replaced in 1981 by a more powerful third generation Burrroughs-3845 mainframe Computer System. After about a decade, the Burroughs-3845 Computer System was replaced in May, 1992 by a 4th generation mainframe Computer System DPS 7000/240. The Center has now a sophisticated PC-based computer system under Client/Server Architecture using WINDOWS 2008 as the operating system and ORACLE 10g as RDBMS along with software tools Visual Studio 2008, SPSS 17 & STATA/MP 12. Now, the Center is equipped with servers- HP server, HCL server, Sun Micro systems web server and IBM Server. The Data Center of the Ministry is operational round the clock i.e. 365x24x7 basis to facilitate the users.

The Computer Center is mandated with the following responsibilities:


  • Electronic Data Processing including Data preparation and Management
  • Application software development for MoSPI
  • Design , Development and Maintenance of the Ministry’s website
  • CPI – Processing of pricing data, Compilation of Index and uploading monthly on web portal
  • Data Documentation, Archiving & Dissemination in International standard using IHSN toolkit.
  • IT Training's for the ISS / ISS probationers/ Non- ISS Cadre Officers sponsored by the Ministry and the officers sponsored by UNDP.
  • Development of GIS based web enabled online query system of 6th Economic Census and other Census & surveys conducted by the Ministry using SAS BI tool.
  • Development of National Fact sheet on India Economy (NFIE) indicators using SAS VA BI Tool.
  • Workshop cum training for States/UTs DES personnel on Documentation of Micro data.


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