FOURTH MEETING OF THE EXPERT GROUP on Informal Sector Statistics (Delhi   Group)Geneva, 28-30 August 2000 Room IV (R.3 South), ILO Building


Monday,   28 August

Morning   session


(Chair: Mr. Sastry, India; Rapporteur: Ms. du Jeu, ILO)

A) Opening of the meeting (Mr. Sastry,   India; Mr. Ashagrie, ILO)

B)Adoption of the agenda

C) Designation of chairpersons and   rapporteurs for the technical sessions

D) Administrative matters (Ms. du Jeu,   ILO)

Topic   1:Results of surveys on the informal   sector conducted by different   countries - Advantages and limitations of different survey methods   and survey designs for the data collection

Topic   4:Development of strategies to   address sampling frame and weighting issues

(Chair:   Mr. Charmes, WIEGO; Rapporteur: Ms. Guerrero, UNSD)

Papers   by: Mr. Nsour, Jordan

Ms.   Gonzalez, Colombia

Ms.   Budlender/Mr. Buwembo, South Africa

Ms.   Boonperm, Thailand

Mr.   Mossa, Ethiopia

Mr.   Shrestha, Nepal

Ms.   Unni, WIEGO

Country   paper, India

Ms.   Filgueiras/Ms. Valadao, Brazil

Mr.   Tasti, Turkey

Mr.   Hussmanns, BLO

Mr. Abbasi,   Australia

Afternoon   session

Topic   1: continued

Cocktail at 17.30 in Salon 1, ILO Restaurant, R.2 North

Tuesday,   29 August

Morning   session

Topic   1:    continued

Topic   2:Methodology for   developing more accurate measures of value   added

Topic 3:  Estimation of the contribution   of the informal sector to GDP   on a regular basis

(Chair:   Mr. Shrestha, Nepal; Rapporteur: Mr. Loh, ESCAP)

Papers   by:  Mr.   Mirzoyan/Mr.Gjougyan, Rep. of Armenia

Mr.   Sinha/Mr. Sangeeta, India Country paper, India

Mr.   Virola/Ms. de Perlio, Philippines

Mr.   Negrete, Mexico

Mr.   Charmes, WIEGO

Ms.   Arboleda/Mr. Loh, ESCAP

Afternoon   session

Topics   2 and 3:                         continued

Wednesday,   30 August

Morning   session

Chair:   Mr. Sastry, India; Rapporteur: Ms. du Jeu, ILO)

5.  Future work of the Delhi   Group

A) Date and venue of the next   meeting

B Agenda of the next   meeting

C) Other

6. Other business

A) Handbook for Measurement of the   Non-Observed Economy (Underground, Informal, and Illegal activities) (Note by   OECD)

B) Alternative aggregates and sub-divisions   for the informal sector in   ISIC, Rev.3 (Note by ILO)

C) Other

Afternoon   session

(Chair:   Mr. Sastry, India; Rapporteur: Mr. Hussmanns, ILO)

7.    Adoption of the recommendations of the meeting

8. Closing   of the meeting

Note:   Morning sessions will run from 9.00 to 12.30 am, and afternoon sessions from   14.00 to 17.30. During each session, there will be a coffee/tea break of 15-20   minutes.


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