Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO)


The objectives of the conference are:

  • To provide a platform for discussion on the statistical issues of common interest to the Central and the State Statistical Organistions; 
  • To provide an overall perspective to the development of statistical system and to make recommendations/suggestions on issues having bearing on the development of the statistical system; 
  • To solve the technical issues relating to statistics; 
  • To set up Working Groups on specific issues/tasks relating to official statistics; 
  • To provide guidelines in the collection of statistics and maintenance of statistical standards and quality, besides uniformity in statistical standards; 
  • To consider the Action Taken Report of the follow up action on the recommendations of the previous meetings(s) of COCSSO; and  
  • To review the role of the Statistical Advisers in the Central and States/UT Governments.
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