FAQ on Public Grievance Cases

1. What are the contact details of the Grievance Cell, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation?
Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Room No. 426-M, 4th Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110001
Tele:  011-23744714 E-mail: dinesh.garg@nic.in.
2. Where can the grievances be sent?
The grievance can be lodged by the aggrieved persons on-line through “pgportal.gov.in” and “pgportal.gov.in/pension/”.  It can also be sent by post or by hand in person addressing it to Nodal Officer for Public Grievances in the Ministry.
3. How do I lodge the grievance?
The grievances can be lodged on-line. In cases where internet facility is not available or even otherwise, the aggrieved person is free to send her/his grievance by post. There is no prescribed format for lodging a grievance.
The grievance may be written on a plain sheet of paper or on a Postcard/ Inland letter and addressed to the Nodal Officer for Public Grievance in the Ministry.
4. What happens when I lodge the grievance on-line?
The grievance is acknowledged on-line. A unique registration number is given to each grievance. After examination at initial level, the same is taken up with the concerned authority in the Ministry for expeditious redressal.
5. How do I track the status of my grievance?
Status of the grievance can be tracked on the PG Portal by entering the unique registration no. and other basic details.
6. What happens to the grievances? How are the grievances dealt with in the Ministries?
A Nodal Officer for redressal of grievance cases arising out on work areas allocated to this Ministry has been nominated.  Further, Public Grievance Officers (PGO) have been nominated for various sections/divisions/subordinates offices within the Ministry.  Nodal Officer is responsible for monitoring the timely redressal of PG cases as well as overall supervision of the process of redressal of PG cases.
7. How can the Nodal Officer of this Ministry be reached?
Shri Laltlana Chhangte, Deputy Secretary (Coord. & Parl), Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Room No. 425-G, 4th Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110001
Tele:  011-23340139 E-mail: laltlana.chhangte@nic.in.
8. After redressal, can the grievance be re-opened for further correspondence about it having been closed for the want of adequate details for closure of grievance etc?
No. In such situations, the aggrieved person will have to lodge a fresh grievance drawing reference to the earlier closed grievance and call for detail of reasons for closure of his earlier grievance.
9. What is the system of granting personal hearing on grievances?
Every Wednesday of the week has been earmarked for receiving and hearing of grievances by the Nodal Officer in person.  An aggrieved can meet the designated Nodal Officer after taking prior appointment.
10. What are the types of grievances which are not taken up for redressal by the Ministry/Department?
• Grievances by serving employees by-passing the existing channels in the hierarchy available to them.
• Sub-judice Matters/Policy Decision/Statutory Changes.
• Personal and family disputes.
• RTI matters.
• Suggestions.
11. What is the time limit for redressal of grievance?
Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG) has prescribed a time-limit of Sixty (60) days for redressal of grievance. In case of delay, an interim reply with reasons for delay is given.
12. What action can be taken by me in case of non-redressal of my grievance within the prescribed time?
You may take up the matter with the Nodal Officer of the Ministry.
13. What should an aggrieved do for quick redressal of his/her grievance?
They should try to provide the complete facts of their grievance so that the unnecessary delay in tracking the aggrieved for additional details for examining the case further can be avoided.
14.  What precautions should pensioners take while lodging a grievance?
The pensioners must provide the precise details mentioning the name of section/division where he last served, details of the last post held, year of retirement, details of Pension Payment Order (PPO) for cases related to revision of pension, details of the last scale of pay drawn, etc.
15. Can serving employees represent their grievance through PG Portal of Ministry/DARPG/PMO?
No. Serving employees can not resort to PG Portal without exhausting the proper channels available to them in the hierarchy.  As per Instructions issued by DoPT vide its OM No. 11013/08/2013-Estt. (A-III) dated 31.08.2015, it may attract Disciplinary Action if PG case is lodged by surpassing the existing channels available to the serving Government employees.


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