Recommendations from WIEGO

  • Given the increaing share ofcategories such as home-based workers and street vendors in the labour force ofmany -if not all - countries and especially in the female labour force, it isrecommended to systematically include in labour force surveys examination of thedegree of dependency /independency by asking questions on the relationships withsuppliers and buyers the provision of eqipment and the mode of remuneration.Another issue to be more systematically addressed regarding these two categoriesshould be the place of work.
    1. This question, asked to allthe persons in the labour force should distinguish between various types ifenterprise premises, domestic premises, street premises and mobilework.
    2. Countries should be encouraged to supply national estimates disaggregated by gender, for thesecategories, on the basis of existing sources.
    3. As to the size (in terms of employment ) and the contribution (in terms of GDP of the informal sector itshould be recommended that
    4. ILO (in collaboration with UNSD) persue their inventory projects
    5. Additional efforts be madein view of providing data and estimates disaggregated by gender, and by specificgroups (home-based workers, street vendors in particular).
  • It is also recommended thatnational accountants provide disaggregated GDP estimates
    1. By detailed industrial alassifications
    2. By formal and informal sector
    3. By regional location (regions, cities)
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