List of papers presented in the 3rd meeting Delhi Group

Third Meeting of the Expert Group on Informal Sector Statistics (Delhi Group) New Delhi, India,17-19 May 1999

What is to be expected from an operative approach to the Informal Sector?
– Rodrigo Negrete, Mexico

  Issues relating to the International Definition of the Informal Sector and their impact on  the International Comparability of Informal Sector Statistics
– Ralf Hussmanns, ILO

Informal sector statistics Australian view on the international definition, minimum  dataset and selected data collection issues (circulated in second meeting and  part of the paper re-circulated for discussion
– Zia Abbasi, Australia

Definition on the informal sector and classification proposal
– Tatiana Gonzalez Gutierrez & Oscar Franco, Colombia

Definition and measurement on the Informal Sector
– Renana Jhabvala, SEWA, India

Informal Sector Activities in Rural India – A Methodological Study
– Jeemol Unni, and Paul Jacob GIDR, India

Enhancing the international comparability of informal sector statistics – A review of national definitions of the informal sector and a proposal of a harmonized definition for international reporting
– Brigitte du Jeu, ILO

Comparative use and usefulness of the criteria recommended for the definition of the Informal Sector
– Jacques Charmes, WEIG

The Nigeria’s Experience of the Informal Sector Survey: The methodology and the issue of non-sampling errors
– O.O. Ajayi & O.O. Akanji, Nigeria

Evolution of Sampling Frame for Surveys in Unorganised Sectors of Indian Economy
– Country Paper, India

  Labour Data in Latin America & Experiences of Labour Force Surveys in Pakistan
– B. Herman, Netherland

  Surveys concerning informal sector and their use by national accounts systems: some points for discussion
– Rodrigo Negrete, Mexico

  On Contribution of Informal Sector in Indian Economy
– A.C. Kulshreshtha & Gulab Singh, India

  Note on value added in Informal Sector
– Lourdes Ferran, Venezuela

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