Fifth Meeting of the Expert Group

SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2001


Conference Hall  
  Hotel Kanishka
19 Ashok Road
New Delhi
Phone : 3344422
Fax No: 3368242

19 September 2001, Wednesday

09.30 – 10.15 Registration
10.15- 11.00 Inaugural Session
Chairperson: Mr.K.V.Irniraya, Secretary, MOS &PI

Opening of the meeting

  • Adoption of agenda
  • Designation of Chairperson and rapporteurs for the technical sessions
  • Administrative matters
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-13.00 SESSION-I:Application of the informal sector definition:
treatment of persons at the borderline between own 
account workers and enterprises.
Chairperson: Mr. Jacques Charms
Rapporteur: Dr. G.M`. Boopathy


  1. Treatment of Out-Workers in International Classification of Status in Employment – Loh Meng Kow, ESCAP   
  2. Application of informal sector definition: Home based workers – Mr. Suman Bery, NCAER   
  3. Application of the Informal Sector Definition: Treatment of persons at the borderline between own-account workers and employees – Jyong Lee, Bank of Korea   
  4. Application of the Informal Sector Definition: Treatment of persons at the borderline between own-account workers and employees – India 
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 SESSION I (Contd.)
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00- 17.30 SESSION II: Development of criteria for the identification of persons in informal employment inside and outside the informal sector.
Chairperson: Dr. N.S. Sastry
Rapporteur: Dr. Rattan Chand


  1. Informal Sector and Informal Employment; Elements of a conceptual framework – Ralf Hussmanns, ILO
  2. Employment in the Informal Sector and Informal Employment: New Insights from Recent Surveys in India, Kenya and Tunisia, - Jacques Charmes & Jeemol Unni, WEIGO
  3. The Mexican Experience: Why Employment in the Informal Sector and vulnerable employment should not be deemed as one and the same – Rodrigo Negrete, INEGI
  4. Unorganized Sector – National Commission on Labour
  5. Casual Employment in Australia, Zia Abbasi, ABS Australia Presented by Jacques Charmes

20 September, 2001 Thursday

9.30-11.00 SESSION II (continued)
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-13.00 SESSION II (Contd.)
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 SESSION II (Contd.)
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00-16.45 SESSION III: Sampling frames and designs for mixed household and enterprise surveys
Chairperson: Mr.Ralf Hussmanns
Rapporteur: Mr.P.S.Bose


  1. Sampling frame and designs for mixed household and Enterprise Survey - India

21 September, 2001 Friday

9.00-10.00 SESSION IV: Evaluation of informal sector survey data and measures for quality improvement & Misc.
Chairperson: Mr.Loh Meng Kow
Rapporteur: Mr. G.C. Manna


  1. Evaluation of Informal Sector Survey Results – India&n
10.00-11.15 SESSION V: Country Experiences
Chairperson: Mr. M. G. Sardana
Rapporteur: Mr. T. V. Raman


  1. Estimating the extent of Informal sector in the Nepalese Economy – Ganga Devi Dabadi, CBS Nepal
  2. Poverty in the Informal Sector – Loh Meng Kow, ESCAP
  3. Informal Sector Statistics in Indonesia.       
  4. Informal Sector Statistics in Thailand – Ms.Rajana Netsaengtip & Mr.Wilas Suwee, Thailand – Presented by Jacques Charms       
  5. The Indian Informal Sector Survey: Approach and Results 1999-2000, India
11.15 – 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.00 Discussions on Future Programmes of Work
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Concluding Session

Presentation of Summary of Recommendations :

Ralf Hussmanns, ILO

Valedictory Address by Chairperson of the Group

Vote of Thanks by Dr.N.S.Sastry, DG & CEO, N.S.S.O., India

Co-ordination team:
Dr. G. Raveendran Chief Rapporteur
Mr. P.H. Khopkar Technical aspects
Mr. A.K. Sharma Administration aspects
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