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Background and Objective

The TPP was announced in 1975. It was first re-structured in 1982. Subsequently second re-structuring was done in 1986. TPP-86 is presently in operation. The basic objective of the programme is to improve the quality of life of the poor and the under-privileged population of the country.

Scope and Coverage

The programme covers various socio-economic aspects like poverty, employment, education, housing, health, agriculture and land reforms, irrigation, drinking water, protection and empowerment of weaker sections, consumer protection, environment and responsie administration etc. TPP consists of 119 items out of which 65 items are monitored against physical targets 54 items are monitored on evaluatory basis.

The Twenty Points

Implementation of TPP 86

There is three tier monitoring mechanism for implementation of TPP 86. At the District Level the Programme is monitored by District Planning Board, Panchayati Raj Institutions and other agencies. At the State Level the Programme is monitored by different line Departments and also by the State Level monitoring Committee. At the Central Level the Programme is monitored by the Central Administrative Ministries/Departments concerned with their respective schemes/programmes. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation monitores the programme in its entirety.


Monthly Progress Report which covers physical achievements against the set targets for 20 crucial items. The information for Monthly Progress Report is supplied by State/UTs.

Capsule Report based on the Monthly Progress Report highlighting the main achievement. Half Yearly Progress Reports which covers all the 119 items of TPP. The information is supplied by Central Nodal Ministries/Departments.

Restructuring of Twenty Point Programme

The TPP, in its present form, was last restructured in 1986. The need for further restructuring of TPP 86 is being felt constantly due to launching of several new schemes/programmes by the Central Government on the bases of new initiatives while some others are in the nature of replacement/modification of earlier schemes. Also some of the existing programmes are required to be deleted as they have lost their relevance in the present scenario or achieved the desired objectives. An exercise for restructuring of TPP is in progress in consultation with Central Nodal Ministeries and State/UT Administration.

  • Attack on Rural Poverty
  • Strategy for Rainfed Agriculture
  • Better Use of Irrigation Water
  • Bigger Harvest
  • Enforcement of Land Reforms
  • Special Programmes for Rural Labour
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Health for All
  • Two Child Norm
  • Expansion of Education
  • Justice to Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes
  • Equality for Women
  • New Opportunities for Youth
  • Housing for the People
  • Improvement of Slums
  • New Strategy for forestry
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Concern for the Consumer
  • Energy for the Villages
  • A Responsive Administration
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